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About APO

Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity founded on three cardinal principles: leadership, friendship, and service.

We provide our members the opportunity to develop leadership skills, make new friends that will last a lifetime, and participate in meaningful service projects for our community.

Check out below to see what types of things we do!


01_20_2018 - Rush 27.jpg

Sugar Mills

Sugar Mills is a local park we work with regularly. We mostly do yard work, but they have occasionally had us help with other things like mapping hiking trails.


Campus Clean Up

If we don't have any big projects lined up, we sometimes go around picking up trash, usually cigarettes.


Beach Clean Up

We make a habit of going down to the beach to pick up trash.


Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary

Elmira's is over in Tampa. We try to make the trip out there once a semester, and they save all their big projects for when we come around. A lot of the work we've done for them is the reason they are able to expand their habitats.


Marine Science Center

One of our advisors volunteers here every weekend helping take care of the injured birds that reside here. She has us come by whenever there's a big project going on they need extra hands for.


Merit Badge University

Once a year, we hold an event for Boy Scouts to come and spend the day learning merit badges. We've had upwards of 200 Scouts at these events before.



Mini Golf

Mini golf is a religious experience for us. Therefore, we go at least once per semester, if not more. You'd think we would get bored of the same 2 mini golf courses, but every trip holds new surprises with some of our members.



We love to eat. And the only thing better than eating, is eating with friends. We go out for casual food, discount dessert, and anything else that strikes our fancy.

10_21_2017 - BHW 11.jpg


When we head out to Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary, we typically turn the weekend into a big camping trip as well. 



Bowling is not as regular of an occurrence, but we do enjoy it. Our usual bowling alley also has laser tag.

12_07_2017 - Assorted 12.jpg


Board games, card games, video games, board games made into video games. You name it, we've probably played it. And if we haven't, we'll be more than excited to try.



We do some casual painting and crafts. Just getting together and messing around. Some of our members also get together to paint miniature figures.

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