Aliyha Aviles, 20, she/her

Junior- Civil Engineering

Hi, I'm Aliyha! I have a identical twin sister, and I am the older one! I enjoy playing video games, card games, board games any kind of cool and nerdy game with my friends. I joined APO because of the atmosphere it had and because of the cool and awesome people in it.


José Gonzalez, 21, he/him

Senior - Aerospace Engineering and Computational Mathematics

Hi, I’m José! I'm colorblind, a fact my friends like to remind me of constantly. I like to hang with friends playing video games, joking around, playing DnD, and walking on the beach. I joined APO to find a group of likeminded individuals that I can hang out with and get to know (basically to make more friends with awesome people).

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Connor Mallow, 22, he/him

Senior - Aerospace Engineering

Hi, I’m Connor! I enjoy questing for conversation pieces and knowledge of interest. I like to play Wii Sports and Laser Tag with my friends. I was told by a friend that some group was offering free laser tag as an event. I went and the people seemed fun enough so I joined.


Matt Oxamendi, 22, he/him

5th Year - Computer Science

Hi, I’m Matt! I like to do some amateur astronomy and build things in my spare time. I like to play games with my friends, whether it be board, video, or otherwise. I joined APO to make new friends.


Morgan Black, 23, they/them

Graduate Student - Human Factors

Hi, I'm Morgan! I spent 2 hours creating a detailed, color coded map to plan out my Animal Crossing village, which should tell you a lot about my personality. I will do pretty much anything as long as I'm hanging out with my friends. I joined APO to make a difference in the community, and I stayed for all the amazing friends I made.

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Isaac LaRosee, 21, he/him

Senior - Aerospace Engineering

Hi, I’m Isaac! I’m an expert in Martial Arts, and I like to practice in my spare time. When I’m with friends, I like to play video games and board games. I joined APO to make new friends and hang out more with friends I already had, as well as to get involved with more community service.

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Rose Moskowitz, 21, she/her

4th Year- Mechanical Engineering

Hi, I’m Rose! I take way too detailed notes of my DnD campaign and find new ways to display my hoard of dice. In my spare time, I go shopping at Target in an attempt to find the ever-elusive Dresses With Pockets. I've always enjoyed community service and wanted to find a group that would provide volunteer opportunities. After trying a few different organizations, I stuck with APO because of its dedication to service and because of the friends I had made.

Me in the Lab - Justin Parkhurst.jpg

Justin Parkhurst, 24, he/him

Graduate Student - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hi, I’m Justin! In my free time, I like to run sessions of Dungeon & Dragons. It's a great way to flex my creativity and show off some of my acting talents. I love to play board games try new board games with my friends. I've always been big on finding not just friends, but friends who are good people. Being a service organization, APO attracts kind people that care about others and their community. These are the kind of friends I want.

JPEG_20200428_123225 - Travis Colton.jpg

Travis Colton, 23, he/him

Senior - Homeland Security

Hi, I’m Travis! In my free time I like to brew coffee and make espresso drinks. When I’m around friends, I like to play Dungeon & Dragons. I joined APO to meet fun, like-minded people who focus on servant leadership and helping others.


Ryan Lange, 22, he/him

PhD Student - Human Factors

Hi, I’m Ryan! I enjoy cooking, camping, and hanging out with my dog. I like to spend time with friends and have conversations about ridiculous things. I joined APO to make new friends and be part of an organization that does fun things together while making a difference in the community.


Norma Nelson, 22, she/her

Senior- Aerospace Engineering

Hi, I’m Norma! I placed 5th in the state of IL for parliamentary procedure. I enjoy going out on the town with my friends to try new things and foods. I joined to form stronger bonds with friends and fellow students.